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KBS 'TV문화속으로' 


2012년 2월 6일 KBS 방영


I'버려진 나무에 새긴 삶의 흔적, 설치미술가 나인주의 전시, 작업실, 공공미술프로젝트 참여 작품 소개

2014 Gwangju Media Art Festival


October 11~12, 2014


Title : Wormhole

size : 2m x 2.4m x 9m

Gamcheon Culture Village


'Little Prince & Desert Fox' statues made by Nainju, are looking down this world on the hillside of Gamcheon Culture Village with tourists to visit here.

Einstein's Room


The wonderful world of light art - Gyeongnam Art Museum, Korea

June 8,~ August 28. 2011

A space that looked expanded looks contracted from the other side. Time seems longer in expanded space and feels shorter in contracted space.

Science Space


2003, Seoul Museum of Art, Korea, 'Pleasure Factory'

Create space of mechanism and infinitely stretching galaxy using Styrofoam waste and Fluorescent pigment.

2003, 서울시립미술관 '유쾌한 공작소'전 출품작

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